Honeys Raw Farm


~Honey~ Sunshine in a Bottle!

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The following products are sold by the case or separately by the jar.

Pails, Heated or Raw

60 lb. buckets (5 gallons)

24 lb. buckets (2 gallons)

12 lb. buckets (1 gallon)

5 lb. Plastic Pail
- snap-on lid - Raw Honey

5 lb Glass Jar of Honey - Heated

5 lb Easy-Pour Plastic Jug - Heated


3 lb Easy-Pour Light-Weight Plastic Jug - Flip-top lid - Heated


2.5 lb. Square Glass Jar - Heated

2 lb. Glass Jar - Heated


1 lb. Glass Rib Jar - Heated

1 lb. Glass Short Round Jar - Raw Honey Consistency


1 lb. Glass Jar - Cinnamon Honey Spread

16 oz. Plastic Squeeze Bears - Flip-Top Lid - Heated

8 oz. Plastic Squeeze Bears- Flip-Top Lid - Heated

8 oz. Glass Rib Jar - Heated


We also sell bees wax in three sizes.

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100% Pure honey from local bees and flowers with help from Gary and Terry Ford.